Capture their attention with your product’s biggest benefit

Explain how you deliver the value proposition above and/or differentiate yourself from your competition.

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A personalised landing page in 10 mins
Show credibility with social proof. Logos of press coverage or biggest customers
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What problem does your product solve?

Describe your customer’s biggest, most expensive pain point. Use the same words they use when talking about it. Drive it home with emotion.

#1 Feature

Present the main benefit of your top feature

Describe the feature in two or three sentences. Explain how it works and why your product does this best.

#2 Feature

Combat the top objection readers may have

Explain how your product solves that

Use bullet points to break it up

Into short, easier chunks to read

#3 Feature

What is unique about your product? Why does it matter?

Don’t talk about the feature itself. Your leads don’t care about it, only what it does for them. So talk about the benefits it provides.

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Remind them why they came. Get them to act!

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A personalised landing page in 10 mins
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